Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sunday Morning Rapture

I saw the film this morning on Youtube. I personally would recommend it. I also felt that the tribulation will come before the rapture of the church as written in Matthew 24. I personally looked but cannot find evidence that a pretribulation rapture would appear, but I could be wrong on that. I know that those who are truly obedient, enduring, repentant Christians who do God's will will be raptured. That is what I believe. However, where can I find evidence on a pretribulation rapture. I know that believers who are dead will be raptured first and those who are remain will also be raptured so as those who will not be left behind.

I have wondered if evidence of the post tribulation rapture is also evident with the stories of Noah's Ark and Lot and most of his family. Only they were among the few who were saved. I wonder if that will happen to believers for God doesn't change. Anyways, I thought about that because much of the church was left behind in this movie, including those of the cloth. This guy thought he could buy his way to Heaven while a good Christian girl who thought she was saved was left behind. I found the movie inspiring yet scary at the same time. I wondered that if Jesus were to return, what if I wouldn't be ready? I know that those who only profess salvation are not ready will not enter Heaven according to Matthew 7. I pray and hope that it wouldn't be me. In the movie, the people were all crying and such after being found they were not truly saved. My prayer is that I will be ready. After watching this movie, I have come to realize that all of us need to see with we are truly of the faith.
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