Saturday, September 5, 2015

Is this a good or bad letter to send to a future law professor?


I have just created an account in the LSAC website.  I am interested in attending law school as a perspective student.  I am not so sure where to begin.  I feel that I may be disqualified for a number of reasons, but I believe that I can do it?  I know and realize that I need to network and increase and update my skills.  Unfortunately I have never been a paralegal, nor do I have any experience.  All that I have are a bachelor's degree, a resume, a cover letter, a spotty job history, and some graduate experience.  I majored in mathematics and have taken graduate courses in mathematics education.  I need to know how to network, apply for law school, network, and pay for law school.  The networking thing is very important.  I don't have a lot of support and I am in need of support.  I don't even know how long it will take to gain enough support and update my skills.  I realize that I have limited experience and limited skill and I am over 25-35.  Where should I begin? How do I write a statement?  Should I consider another major?  I also admit to a lack of self confidence which would probably hurt me more than anything.  Should I even consider a law degree and if so, how long would it take for me to improve myself so that I will receive that law degree and become a lawyer?  Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Gail N. Gerald
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