Monday, September 14, 2015

"Flaws" by Kierra Sheard

Why is it that we all have to see ourselves only through a reflection?  Can mirrors be deceptive?  I do see a lot of flaws within me.  I can definitely relate to this song.  I have had this problem since I was a kid.  Why can't we really see ourselves physically without a reflection, whether it is a selfie or through video?  When if it is not us?  Do the mirrors show who we truly are or do they magnify who they think we are in reality?  I know that God created me and love who I am.  Why should I trust a world who doesn't love anyone?  Everyone has their opinions?  I am reminded of this because of the above video.  I am flawed, this I know.  But because of that, I am beautiful.  The sad thing is, I have no idea how this relates to me.  I live in a world where people are beautiful in spite of our flaws, not because of them.  That is something that never made much sense.  I have been listening to this particular song since Friday and I still have a hard time getting it to register.  Either I have no self worth or I am just naive of the world.  A reflection is like a shadow.  Is it really us?  Why does it follow us?  I guess because of the existence of both.  I have a hard time seeing myself in that way.  Is it because I feel guilty about gaining so much weight?  Why?  I want to see myself as attractive and I want to know why it is hard for me.  Am I making it hard?  No, I just need wisdom.  The good thing is, all I have to do is ask.

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