Monday, June 6, 2016

The effects of fictional works and being holy

What happened to the Cleveland Cavaliers last night?  Anyways, I am beginning to dislike most television shows nowadays.  This is most definitely true for most fiction.  I hope to try to keep my television watching to a minimum.  While I don't feel that television and watching it, are the root of all evil, I do spend as much time watching television as I do the internet.  I spend way too much time on the web than I do exercise.  That in itself is rather sad.

I would like to spend more time reading and less on the latest news.  I get nervous writing this, but I plan to live as holy as God calls me to live holy.  Jesus will return one day and I believe that I don't spend enough time with Him.  I don't take enough time to read the Bible, nor do I take the time to pray.  If I am supposed to be a believer, I am to put the Lord first and not the internet and not the television.  I don't think that tv is the devil, but I do think that it is too much of a distraction especially with the violence and sexual content and the cursing that has gotten out of hand.  I just need to lay off of it a little bit just like I lay off of the pro-wrestling and the movies.

I get out of hand with fictional works as I  sometimes believe that they have just gotten too real for me.  I realize that it is only entertainment but sometimes in order for me to serve God and put Him first, I have to spend more time with Him and put Him first in my life.  My hope and prayer is that we all make the Lord my first Priority.
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