Saturday, June 4, 2016

Reminders to think about

As I am watching the Williams v Muguruza tennis match, I am also reminded by the fact that I have not written an entry post in over a month.  I have also been reminded about the things that I think and write about.  I would like to say is that I could come across as obsessive, maybe even a bit racist.  We live in a PC world and one who expresses their politically incorrect opinions are often labeled negatively.  Sometimes, they are labeled incorrectly.  I have been reminded of that yesterday about some of my facebook posts and my musings.  I can be and have been obsessed about certain issues to the point of being annoying at times.  I feel like sometimes, I annoy myself.  I don't feel bad for I don't take any of those reminders personally.  I have to just be careful what I put out online for the world to see.  That is all for the day.
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