Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sports reflection

Wow.  Muguruza beats Serena Williams.  I have no clue what happened to Serena, but she was just outplayed.  Anyways, the NBA Playoffs will be tonight.  I would like to see a best of seven be 4-3 in favor of whoever.  Okay, I have been in denial.  I like the Warriors, but it would be sweet if the Cavaliers were to win.  I have no clue what Lebron James is like, but as a person he seems okay, if not a bit cocky.  I guess he has a reason to be cocky.  The guy is talented.  Well, so is Stephen Curry. Wow.  They are good and Stephen is like a streak shooter, so to me, I initially thought he was overrated.  Yep, I am wrong.  It is good to write about sports or anything else.  I am not an expert on sports since I have lost interest in quite a few sports such as gymnastics.  I would like to renew my interest in sports.  Well, there is always the WNBA.
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