Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hypocrisy in the US church, including the black church

There are many in the black American community who are homophobic as well. They would point out the Bible and say that homosexuality is wrong according to scripture, which I understand. Some of them seem to be more vocal about homosexuality than any other topic. There are black people who are poor, illiterate, and are being deceived by false preachers. There are the issues of crime, poverty, and education that affects all groups, but seem to disproportionately effect black Americans. Many of us are suffering from the effects of obesity, and many have become HIV positive and have died of AIDS. Have most black preachers preached on that? Where are they? 

Why such a public strong stance on homosexuality and seeming silence from some of the same preachers on the aforementioned issues? I am concerned about our nation but especially for black Americans, some of whom came from single parent and broken homes and some young black males who are killing themselves. (I meant no harm in mentioning the single parents, but in some cases, many children either don't know their mothers or their fathers.) There are people who believe that black men are becoming an endangered species. This last sentence worries me. Is there anyone here who thinks I am wrong about this? Am I the only one noticing the hypocrisy of some of the preachers here? How do I personally pray for and witness to the black community where we too have those issues of our own? I want to know the truth.

It is a shame that there is so much racism, homophobia (outright hatred of those of the LGBT community IMO), and hypocrisy in the black church, especially. It amazes me that our roots are a mix of African and Christian beliefs and that our culture are rooted in those beliefs. (I have read somewhere that the slaves were not a group of meek and mild pushovers who were lost. They saw many white Christians as hypocrites especially. I wonder how our ancestors would view us in America today. Would they also see us as hypocritical as they saw some whites? ) I cannot say for sure about those in the black church of the past, but how did we stray so far even though that could be a symptom of the US Church in general it seems? It is true that the black church in general does not accept the LGBT community compared to other communities, I think if homosexuality is a sin then the gospels need to be preached and reached to the LGBT community. It is one thing to not accept or agree with the LGBT community but to not be a Christian towards an LGBT person is wrong. I wonder if that would also be an example or symptom or the problems in the church. The problems in the church (any, but I am only referring to the black church) is emblematic of what is wrong with much of black America. It is as if while well meaning, many in the LGBT are leaving the church while much of what is going on in the church and the black American communities at large are not either examined or not called out on. I also think that those in the black church need to teach, preach, and not leech on the members from their pulpits for they too will be judged just like the LGBT community.

Onto more of my topic:
I know it seems that I am like a broken record and I guess it is the case.
I know that it is not necessarily a thing about just black people but I do wonder if it affects all races and ethnicities equally or more so? Even though most black people in the US have become a part of the US upper or middle class, unemployment among young men has a disproportionate effect on them. I am not a fan of the social gospel, but why are there many preachers of all colors who are silent on many fronts? Like I said, I am concerned with the state of the church of this nation, but I am also concerned with the black community. Specifically there is racism from other blacks, violence even in the churches, and false teaching in the church. How come some of those same preachers, especially in the megachurches preach about those things? I recall a preacher who invited a member of the Nation of Islam into the church. Needless to say, much of what he said was quite disturbing. I hope that he will do more than make a speech about how evil white people are instead of what some ancestors have done. The preacher even said that the worst thing that ever happened was the division of the black family because of slavery. That would be an example of not just merely false teaching, but an example of false information. The black family, nuclear or extended, survived after slavery.

I think that it is sad that any preacher would lie like that in any church. There is too much megachurch and money being passed around the church instead of preaching the true gospel. I am afraid for the US church, even black churches. I would like to think that all churches be integrated but that is not what will happens in reality. Anyways, I think that there is also too much hypocrisy even in all US churches. There are many who will point out false teaching of other churches, but rarely will they, black and white churches, will call out anything besides homosexuality. Christ died for homosexuals as well regardless of what we believe about it. Anyways, I believe that the reason why church attendance is falling, especially among men, esp. black men, is because it seems many churches are short sighted or focused on just homosexuality or something else. I noticed that some black preachers especially are not silent on homosexuality but seem silent on other matters. Why is that?

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