Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My take on the Black Lives Matter movement

Black Lives Matter was originally started by three young ladies who protested on the behalf based on what happened to Trayvon Martin. Black Lives Matter was about social justice. What happened? It seems as if there are racists who have made a social justice movement into a campaign where you now read and hear the worst of BLM. What happened?

So I too have been watching the news segment concerning some of the Black Lives Matter protesters blocking a mall in a major city I believe. There was even some legal controversy concerning protests by some of the BLM people at the Mall of America. My question is, have they been effective or have the BLM movement have gotten away from the original intent which was to expose abuses by some of the police due to the killing of young black males? I have my own views of a few of the protesters on tv, but how come there are almost no reports on protests against what happens when a black female gets killed by a cop? How about whenever a black person gets killed in the same way or so by a cop who is not white?

What doesn't help is that while most of the protesters are peaceful and many of the BLM protesters are not rude, the ones that are rude are often shown on tv? Is this narrative about the rude protesters trying to make the entire BLM movement look bad as in often showing rude people who may be plants or am I reading into this? Anyways, what are your thoughts on the entire Black Lives Matter movement? As a black person, should I even have some disagreements against individual BLM protesters; I have noticed that no BLM protester went up in Ben Carson's or Donald Trump's faces. It was so rude that they went up in Bernie Sanders' face like that, despite how I feel about his politics. I think that there is a need for someone to expose crooked cops whatever the color, rank, or location, but I am saddened that there is some divide by race, culture, ethnicity, or political affiliation in anything these days. All lives matter should not be a controversial statement. 
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