Monday, April 11, 2016

Forgiveness or reparations for segregation

Should white people (at least some) be forgiven for what happened during segregation (in the United States)? Many of those who have suffered because of what happened to them are still alive. Now racism is nowhere near over, and segregation ended for around two generations, but I wonder if some of the white people should be forgiven. Thousands of blacks were lynched, beaten, burned, segregation was SUPPOSEDLY separate but equal (it obviously was not), and some black towns have been destroyed (The Black Wall Street tragedies and Rosewood come to mind.) .

My questions are:
1. Should they who did those horrible things be forgiven since some of the people I am assuming are still alive today?
2. Should black people get over it like some say black people have been told about slavery?
3. Slavery and what happened during segregation happened during the course of about 300 years and it was considered legal. However, should there be reparations for whatever happened during segregation since some of those who have been affected are still alive?
4. I believe it was Malcolm X who made a mention that the government, not the average white citizen should be to blame for the social ills that took place during segregation. Is he right?
5. I believe that children are taught to hate. I find the hatred of any group, Black or White Americans, quite disturbing. I saw a picture of a little girl, who was about 8 or 9, who was smiling at seeing a man lynched. What kind of people would teach a child such cruelty is a good thing? That was a telling picture of the mindset of some of those who lynched and oppressed people. By the way, what lessons can Americans learn from such evil towards other Americans?

It is just so sad that a child could smile at something like this, much less anyone. I recall the movie Rosewood where I saw a little boy not wanting to see a black person being tied up and lynched. I am assuming that this was his mother, but she to have the little boy (around 5) to look and see what was going on. She herself was pointing to the man who was lynched and she was in glee about it. It makes me wonder first what is wrong with people, second if it is fair to "question humanity" because of the sins of some and third, I hope they repented. What an awful thing to teach a child.

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