Monday, April 4, 2016

I am only basing this on experience.

Why is it that some black people in the US claim Egypt so much? I do believe that there is black history in Egypt and that Hollywood has whitewashed it, why do so many of us claim ancient Egypt? The Ancient Egyptians were spiritual and very much technically advanced, but blacks in the US carry trace our DNA to West and Central Africa. The Ancient Egyptians, such as the Nubians, as well as the Sudanese, and Kenyans are Northern and East Africans. Nubians, Sudanese, and Kenyans are by and large a black African people who probably are not the ancestors of the black America. Most of us are descended from Western and Central. At there worst, the ancient Egyptians were ethnocentric and like many ancients practiced slavery. Also, for that matter, why do some black people have romantic or other wrong views of Timbuktu and African slavery in general? It wasn't just Europeans that benefited from slavery. Africans and Arabs also benefited from the slave trade.

The truth is, while we all descended from somewhere in Africa, the "typical" West or Central Africa looks nothing like the Nubians, Ethiopeans, and Kenyans. Just saying. This means that there is a huge diversity of looks, cultures, and genetic codes among North and black Africans. Have some black people been so brainwashed that some of us will claim anything because of what we have been taught about us? If our history did not start from slavery then why don't black kids learn about Mali or Songhai, which were West African. My ancestors are probably from the Biafra (Ghana and Nigeria), Angola, and Senegambia (Senegal and Gambia) because of DNA testing. While some of us as black people may have Ethiopian or some Malagasy blood, most of us will end up have ancestry from Nigerians, Ghanians, Angolans, and Cameroonians. Have some black people been brainwashed to hate ourselves so much that many don't want to know the truth? On a sidenote, a few pro-black or "God of Heti" or "Black Egypt" people seem to hate white people more than they care about black people and just try to better ourselves. That has been my experience. I don't mean to dog my people. It is just things I have noticed.If you agree that for the most part, black Americans should not claim Egyptian ancestry? If you disagree, then you must explain why?
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