Friday, June 26, 2015

The Confederate Flag

I am a black person living in South Carolina.  Should I have been offended by this flag on top of the SC Statehouse grounds?  Do those who really are offended speak for me?  Do those who are hateful speak for all who fly the flag?  Is it really hate or heritage?  

There was an article that I read yesterday written by a black guy about the "Confederate Flag" never called him the word, "nigger".  I can relate to this man.  It was a new take on the flag and what it really symbolizes to one person.  I guess that being controversial does serve its purpose here, but as horrible as the word, "nigger" is, should I have to take the power of that word away from those who have used it against others?

As horrible as the word, "nigger" is, why do some black people, including some in the music industry insist on using the word, "nigga"?  Does it symbolize their ignorance or does it represent something else?  I am going off topic here, but does this flag up here symbolize the heritage of the best of the South, or the worst of the South?

Why is it that this flag is so offensive when it the Confederacy was around for four years?  Is it really a symbol or hatred or slavery?  While the South did lose the war, has it stopped the racial oppression and subjugation of people?  Has it stopped the US Government's mistreatment of the Native Americans?  To those I say no.

I can see why some would see hatred.  It isn't because of some white guy who has a flag on top of his car or wears a flag lapel. To me, the flag can easily represent heritage.  There were people of all races and colors who fought for both sides.  Whatever the reason or reasons, those things should not be forgotten.  To me at least it is heritage.  I had two great-great-great uncles who fought and died for the Confederacy.  Were they racists?  I don't know and I don't care.  That was their problem, not mine.  As far as I know, they were not slave owners nor would they have benefited from the vile business of the "institution" of slavery.  

While I think it is okay that it has been been or will be, at least, taken down from the SC State Grounds, what problems would it really solve in South Carolina?  Just because one evil, racist person murdered nine innocent, church goers, I cannot say that he is the only person who flew the flag.  It does mean that there are people like him who have done a fine job of tainting the image of a flag numerous citizens have died for.  In my personal opinion, as divided as the flag still is, I don't like the idea of people using the tragedy of nine innocents being killed for them to have an agenda.  Why wait now?  

Wherever it may end up, there are many issues that many in South Carolina face, such as crime and unemployment.  The economy and safer neighborhoods would probably be a bigger issue than the flag.  There is also much work to be done in the areas of education and helping those who are poor.  I wonder if those who want a good education and those who are poor believe that a Confederate flag would solve their problems.  My point is, that as divisive an issue as this was, maybe we should place those things of greater importance than a flag.

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