Thursday, June 18, 2015

Music, recipes, wisdom, and health

It is painfully obvious that I tend to post videos and recipes when I rather not reflect on anything.  However, those postings serve a purpose.  I do love to prepare foods so I like to share recipes with those reading this blog.  Sometimes I just rather relax from all of the deep reflections of my life, religious, spiritual, and otherwise.  These are videos that I like from artists that I listen to.  Some of them are newer artists while others are future legends (if they aren't already) such as Whitney Houston (RIP) and Mariah Carey.
I often post videos that reflect on my musical taste such as from the movie "Frozen" or from a time when I thought music was more diverse (correct if I am wrong) and people seem to have more fun and something more to say.  It is as if music back in those days were taken more seriously for those reasons.  That is just my opinion and my opinion.  I think that all of us are lucky enough to say that I grew up on Sam Smith as well as Tupac or Madonna.  To me, I can interpret music differently than I do now.  I have grown up and music has changed now and I have to live with those changes.

I believe that is what I need to do when it comes to how I feel about myself and my health.  I realize that my health is of far greater importance than I should have made it.  It should have been one of my top priorities. I guess when one is in their 40s, he or she should not be so set in their ways but discover and learn.  That is how we all grow no matter our ages.  Being a 40 year old means that I am still young, but I have to live and learn, but I have become more grown up than I was even in my thirties.  As I get older however, I do realize that I have to realize that it will be harder to change, but one will have greater wisdom.  The problem with me is that I didn't realize what wisdom means.  The difference I think between wisdom and knowledge is that one has the knowledge to learn but wisdom carries that knowledge out.  One grows in knowledge but walks in wisdom.  I realize that as I grow older.

I also see that I have a rather lofty goal.  My goal is to lose more than half of my body weight.  I didn't realize how self-conscious I became until as of late and before.  I saw someone who wanted to change.  I needed to change, but I the knowledge but not the wisdom.  I will ask for wisdom and it is a blessing that is is thankfully given out freely by the Lord.  I could use all of the wisdom and guidance I can get when it comes to this journey,.  My desire is to change.  However, I would like to carry out that desire and grow wiser as a result.
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