Saturday, May 20, 2017

No longer stuck in the past

Right now, I have come realize that I have been living in the past for far too long.  It has held me back from what I am supposed and need to do not what I want to do.  I have wanted to go back to school.  I have not finished school and I wished to go back.  I have made mistakes and missteps, and have committed sins.  How many people know that living in sin can hold us back?  I realized that I have limited God over the years.  It has been because I have been stuck in the past.  I am at an age where I wish to discover new things.  I am a grown up, yet I have not progressed.  It is as if I am still a youth.  I have felt bad about myself for years, but now, I want to stop living in the past.  The past is gone.  It is no more.  Those mistakes are what i have allowed to hold me back.  My life and life in general, is too precious to stay comfortable.  It is time for me to get out of my comfort zone.  That would make things so much freer.
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