Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Why---and keep asking why

6: Ask “Why” – And Keep Asking

Next time you’re struggling to get perspective, ask why you do something. Channel your inner child here – be tenacious in pushing for a real answer!

If you’re working a job you hate, why are you doing it? Perhaps it’s for the money – but do you really need that money? (You may well do. But it’s possible that you’re trying to support a lifestyle that’s actually making you miserable.)

It can be uncomfortable to look at the reasons why we’re pursuing the goals that we have. But by being honest with yourself, you can open up the possibility of change.

It is uncomfortable.  However, maybe being uncomfortable can be a good thing.  I realize that I only had one goal and that is why?  I realize that asking questions is an answer to problems that I have.  Why did I allow myself to be overwhelmed all of those years.  Now I know better.  I believe that asking questions can go a long way into solving whatever problems that I have.  Maybe I should ask why and what is my purpose on  this planet.  I sometimes feel like I am in a hurry and maybe I should ask why?  Gaining a fresh perspective on things would be something refreshing for me.
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