Thursday, May 25, 2017

All Life Matters

I think it is shocking and it is sad that the US is so divided even in the "subject" of whose life matter.

I have noticed that there may be a racial division when it comes to what matters especially considering the justice system and corruption. I believe that all lives matter, including black lives aand that we should come together as one with either similar viewpoints, or come to an understanding or agreement on whatever your or my view of this issue. Also, should or would it be wise to agree to disagree on this very issue since I believe that we should focus on not just one life or another.

Yes, black lives DO matter, and I think that is the point of the movement whereas there is corruption and injustice. My video is about I believe the Bible says on this matter. I realize that much of the video with a lot of verses, but I believe that it is also important for us as the Body of Christ to preach the gospel and to realize that we need to open our eyes.

Whether or not one agrees with the content of this video or not, I believe that this division is really sad, and pathetic. What are your thoughts on this video and your thoughts of this division and I think the answer is to be a salt and light to a society where there is division, hatred, and where people live in a culture of death that has I believed have caused many of US to be desensitized? Hopefully, what I have written is the pont of my video. Forgive me for the length of this said explanation.
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