Monday, April 3, 2017

Pics from Wrestlemania 33

All I all, I wish I could say that it was a top notch show from top to bottom, but it had its moments. The best part were some of the matches and highlights.  It is too bad that the IC Title match was on the preshow.  It would be nice if it were on the actual show.  Oh, well, I will have to settle with Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin sometime near Wrestlemania.  I cannot, however imagine the indignity of being called a curtain jerker at such an important event, for an important title nevertheless.  I realize that everyone can't fit on a specific card and that everyone on the roster cannot be on even the preshow, but Wrestlemania had way too many matches and thus the worst part, it was just too long.  I give the talent an A for effort, but the timing of the event is what hurt the entire show.  It was over five hours long.  Wow.  I hope to never stay for five hours at an event where anything even bad can happen, but that hope was dashed.  I did so.  So, I would rank the ppv in general 6.5 out of 10.  The length of the ppv took much of my enjoyment and a couple of the matches seemed underwhelming. I expected better and I have seen better from some of the performers on television.

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