Thursday, March 9, 2017

Unpopular wrestling opinions 2

I wasn't so sure about how talented Dana Brooke was, but she is an okay wrestler.  She has potential, but in my opinion, she seems a bit green.  She needs to go back to NXT as she looks to not be ready for the big time as far as wrestling skills go.

I don't think that Velvet Sky is THAT bad.  I know there are wrestlers who are more talented.  I just don't see what is so bad.  

I don't think Eva Marie is the worst wrestler as she hasn't been in the wrestler for years and years.  She seems to want to learn and wants to improve.  She actually knows how to sell, so I guess that is a plus.  Her showing against Asuka was better than anything Rosa Mendes has done.  No offense.

I actually like the PG Era because of its overall focus on wrestling as compared to the Attitude Era, in which there were things I think was becoming excessive such as the cursing and the overall misogyny.  I know that it was an era many fans want back, but I think that the Attitude Era would have run its course had it lasted longer.  I like the way the women wrestlers are being used, since they have a Divas Revolution.

I think that Roman Reigns, while stagnant on the mic, is a decent overall wrestler, though he doesn't have as extensive a move set as say, Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens. He is the better wrestler, and less arrogant and insulting than The Rock, but has the charisma of a doormat and the ring presence of a flashlight.

What is so crazy or loony about Dean "The Lunatic Fringe" Ambrose?

I also believe that AJ Styles is quite boring, even without Gallows and Anderson.  He is a talented wrestler who was much better in TNA. Is "Beat up John Cena" the best they can come up with for him?

Talented as he is, I find Sami Zayn boring.  He may be a nice guy and he is a good competitor, but due to the writing, he is nothing without Kevin Owens.  

I find the New Day and much of the Tag Team Division cringeworthy.  I also feel bad that the cruiserweights are about as over as Alberto del Rio at his less charismatic phase (which was a lot of the time) and the Divas before the revolution.  

As athletic as she was, Kelly Kelly was not a good wrestler, no matter how many people put her over, like Beth Phoenix.  She may, or may not, be a nice person and very pretty, but Maryse should never wrestle again, no matter how good she is as a heel.

In the Ellsworth and Ambrose v AJ Styles Saga, I find that the real heel is Dean Ambrose, not AJ Styles.

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