Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Unpopular Wrestling opinions

Eva Marie isn't the worst wrestler or the worst thing that happened to wrestling. She really wasn't the worst wrestler either in her defense. Eva Marie is a heat magnet, I realize because she is such a bad wrestler who is quite untalented, she can learn to improve.  There are people in the business who haven't shown any growth in the ring and they have never been the heat magnets that she was.  I am not the biggest Eva Marie fan not by a stretch as she is a bad wrestler, but when is not the worst person or the biggest scumbag in the business either, as far as I know.  Maybe she could be a wrestler or a valet.  Until she improves, she should never, ever lace up a pair of boots (for now).

Braun Strowman is really not that bad as he is quite competent and is used properly.  Give him time to improve and he will or could be the next Big Show.

It is a rather strange way to express this, but the most overrated person in professional wrestling is Vince McMahon. Where would he be if he didn't make wrestling corporate using the cruelest means? He would actually love the concept of using the words "professional wrestling" instead of "sports entertainment". He is overrated as a promoter for the simple fact that while he is smart enough, I don't think he knows how to market his own ideas. He would be another carny promoter who stole from others and stolen other's ideas. He marketed other people's ideas and stolen from other promotions. That is what makes him not that great a promoter. There, I feel better.

On the subject of TNA. Dixie Carter should have never been a promoter and she deserved to have her funds cut off. TNA should have been owned by a Dave Prazak or even a Billy Corgan sooner. This woman is one of the worst promoters to ever fund a wrestling organization. She was even worse than David McClain. Granted, some of the best wrestlers came from TNA like Styles, Samoa Joe, and even Kurt Angle to an even lesser extent. I guess it is trying to be WWE-lite. Why? It is not all that. I on purpose boycotted the WWE, especially the Attitude Era for much of its content. She is an even worse promoter than Vince McMahon, even when it comes to female wrestlers. Like President Trump, she too needs to lay off of twitter. Jeff and Jerry Jarrett made a mistake to sell the company to Dixie Carter, but I guess they had a reason. (Please correct me if I am wrong about the Jarretts selling to Dixie.  If it is the case, why considering how Jeff was utilized after the sale.)

I have watched both promotions because of what is available on television and that makes me a total hypocrite yes. I think that the sexiest wrestlers on the WWE are Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, and Seth Rollins. I now wish I have never confessed these crushes. Sorry. I was silly enough to believe that they were really truly the only games in town. By the way, whatever happened to Shimmer and CZW? I wish I had watched content from those promotions. Thank goodness for Youtube, Japanese wrestling, lucha libre, and other organizations. Sadly, I never got to watch ECW back in the 90s.

Until the last few years, I found Kane boring.

Sable wasn't the best, but I found her competent enough to at least face Luna Vachon, who made her look that way

I personally believe that the real total package is actually Kevin Owens.

Asuka is quite overrated compared to when she wrestled as Kana.

Kelly Kelly was bad, but as a wrestler, Maryse was worse.  Has she ever been carried to a good match?

Candice Michelle and Leila El were in the end becoming good wrestlers despite their lack of years of experience, yet many people jump on Roman Reigns despite his own lack of years of experience.

Baron Corbin is a decent enough wrestler who I no longer consider dull, but a solid heel with more potential than I gave him credit for.

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