Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lives Matter

This should not be happening in the Land of Free and the Home of the Brave.  Yet, we are here.  Two more men, who were black, got shot and killed in the hands of the police.  Why is it that there is a division between black lives matter vs all lives matter?  Maybe it seems to some that the two are opposites because it seems that those who hold those views don't seem to understand each other.  Maybe the latter is the reason.  Maybe the real issue is life vs death, a culture of death.  Many think dying for basically nothing is cool.  Some of the most popular movies and shows focus on death.  There are some good quality television and movie programming, but much of what we see in the US is not life-affirming.  My point is, before we can say that all lives matter or even black lives matter, all who feel and believe each and every way each and every day must realize that when it comes to life affirmation and the issue of death, we are either part of the problem or a part of the solution.  A black person's life being cut short isn't all of a sudden problematic of a larger symptom except when a white person does it.  It shouldn't have to take a white, or white-Hispanic person to shoot a young black kid or young black adult to see that a black life matters.  Nor should it take even one white person who believes that all lives matter that they either don't know or care about the life of a black person.  That is so sad to me.  All Lives Matter.  All means black, white, Asian, Indian, etc.  Black lives matter is to be included into all lives matter.  Life in itself is just a vapor, too short for people to be divided over it.  In the end, we all have only one life to live on this planet.  We, or whatever "crowd" many people belong to, will have to stand that day and take account of the very fact that one day, we will all know that all lives do matter, including black lives. whether that life is taken by a police officer or one of our own.

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