Friday, July 8, 2016

How does Jesus feel about this?

As I mentioned before, for God, black lives do matter.  He is the God of the oppressed.  I believe that I have read something to the effect.  I am a black person and I found the losses of life quite disturbing, but the perpetrators do not have to be some racist or gun happy white police officer.  It could be anyone.  We need to extend the mantra of black lives matter to more than just racist or gun happy white people, but to all of us.  Yes, here I say it again.  All life matters.  We are too divided in this nation.  I do wonder if Jesus is angry or weeping.  I do believe that the lives of our boys and girls in blue matter.  May those who have lost their lives rest in peace.  May those who are injured recover.  May our nation have more than just a dialogue.  May we do more than just march.  I have grown tired of the conversation due to the fact that oftentimes we are going nowhere.  It seems to breed more haterade than healing.   Maybe I am wrong here.  My point is, if America is the life affirming, spiritual or God fearing culture it was supposed to be, then maybe, just maybe, there wouldn't be such a division and such death, destruction, and pain.  God, bless America...not yet.  We as Americans have a lot to do, so forgive us instead.

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