Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"You Are Holy" by 4Him

Here before Your Throne
I've come to worship You
and worship You alone

Here within my soul
A song begins to rise
until it to overflows

You are holy, You are holy
I will lift my voice to you
And sing it with the angels
You are holy, You are holy
We will offer you our praise
In a mighty Chorus
You are holy, You are holy
Wonderful in all your ways
Holy You are Holy Lord

When your love breaks through
And I am swept away
By just a glimpse of you

When you make me new
til I'm nothing less than
What I find in You


Unto the One
who sits on the Throne
Unto the Lamb
Be all the blessing and
Glory and Power and Praise

All creation sing
An then heaven and earth
we make known


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