Friday, August 5, 2016

Timeline: 1974

I wanted to take a long, long break.  In fact I wanted to take a long break from blogging, forever.  I began to grow tired of blogging.  In fact, I seem to have grown tired of quite a few things.  I realize that life is just too short to hate and be tired.  Anyways, I have decided to do a timeline of my life. I wrote my autobiography a few months ago.  I didn't realize what kind of person I truly was, am, and desire to be.  I will go with a timeline that illustrate my life in pics, videos, reflections, or facts about my life and what was going on that year.  First of all, I was born in 1974.

 Baby Picture

 Soul Train- Earth, Wind, and Fire - "Mighty Mighty"

 "Rock Your Baby" by George MaCrae

1974 Music Fact
"Waterloo" by ABBA

Even though this song constantly repeats the name of the battle that spelt the end of Napoleon's empire, the French, like the rest of Europe, were more than happy to buy this song in large quantities. The single spent 12 weeks on the French charts, peaking at #3. In Belgium, where the Battle of Waterloo took place, this song spent five weeks at #1.

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